Welcome to the Kilangala Community
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The Kilangala Health Center must report to the health inspectorates on a monthly basis through detailed reports.

Within the Health centre there are two consultation rooms for two doctors. One doctor is also responsible for dental care. There is a special room for dental care. Next there is one labour room and one maternity room. In total there are 30 beds available. There is one room for men and one room for children and women. There is a wardroom for family members, where there are also facilities to prepare meals for patients and to do laundry. There are seven nurses employed and they share one staffroom. Doctors and nurses are employed by the Mission, while two midwives are employed and paid by the Government of Tanzania.

Solar power is available as backup power, since we have a three phase power from the Government grid. Two people are employed by the mission to work in the laboratory. Two nurses are also responsible for the pharmacy. HIV Aids treatment is free of charge, while malaria treatment needs to be paid for. However pregnant women are treated free of charge for malaria.

There is a hospital car driving to the villages three times a month. Doctors are visiting patients who are not able to travel. For emergencies there is one Ambulance Toyota Landcruiser. The cars are driven by a driver employed by the Mission. The hospital has one watchman also employed by the Mission.
Accessible healthcare for everyone
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