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Vocational studies

The Kilangala Vocational Training Center (KVTC) provides education to young people from the vicinity of Kilangala. Most of them use a boarding school. There is no maximum age for attending classes.


The KTVC offers the following courses of study:


The students go to school for two years and do a final national exams to have a VETA certificate.

With a qualified teachers employed by the mission. Some of the Teachers lives in staff houses, while some lives outside the mission. In addition, 2 cooks are busy preparing meals for the students.


January 2022, the VETA category for KTVC is upgraded to category C.

Category C enables the VTC to provide students with a Government Certificate. All students can also take the National Exam.


Kilangala... the center of education
Fortunatus Wakalanda
Key Leader KVTC
Esta Msemakweli
Employee KVTC
Gido Sauti
Employee KVTC
Didas Khamsin
Employee KVTC
Peter Kapyunka
Teacher KVTC
Sarah Stanley
Employee KVTC (Cook)
From kindergarten to Primary School
The Kilangala Mission participates in a kindergartner and local primary schools.
The children of 4 years may go to to phase A (year 1), the children of 5 years may go to to phase B (year 2) and the 6-year-olds may go to to stage C (year 3).
A maximum of 45 students per stage is allowed. There is an agreement between the mission and the government that a maximum of 45 students from phase C may go to Standard 1 (year 4) of the adjacent primary school.

The kindergarten teachers are employed by the mission, while the primary school teachers are employed by the government of Tanzania. The land (formerly owned by the mission) and the primary school buildings are now officially owned by the government.