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The Children’s Home cares for orphans and abandoned children. Most of these are AIDS orphans who require medical attention. Albino twins, Stella & Gustave, have come to the orphanage because Albinos are treated cruelly in this area of Africa. These children receive daily care, including food, adult supervision and loving attention, and other basic necessities. A complete staff looks after them on a full-time basis. The children are being taught the ways of Christ.

The Children Home has a playground, a kitchen, a living room, a dining room and bed room facilities. There is power enough to provide electricity for having lights and can watch television for children. In total there are several supervisors appointed to make sure all children are feeling home and are comfortable. Gina Mulungu is Key Leader of the Childrens Home.
Responsible Orphanage Care
Gina Mulungu
Key Leader CH
Aida Stanley
Employee CH
Jenifrida Lwela
Employee CH
Oliveta Wangao
Employee CH
Veronica John
Employee CH