Welcome to the Kilangala Community
Agriculture was started to support other departments, and it has been a struggle for a long time. What
has been grown every year is maize and beans. We decided to plant something that will not cost a lot annually but invest little and harvest more every year.

Coffee and fruits planting Project.
We have decided to focus on planting Coffee and fruits that we plant once and
harvest every year. Fruits that we want to start with are Avocados, Bananas, then later we can plant Apples, Guava, Pears, Lime and Lemon.

So far we have three acres of coffee. One acre is already producing coffee; in June 2022 we are expecting to harvest more coffee.

We have 70 plants of bananas and we have started to harvest few bananas that the children ate and some the workers of the mission had too. We are expecting to have more in next two months. We are planning to plant more bananas in the coffee plots and in the avocados plot.

In the 10th of February 2022 we planted 100 plants of grafted avocados. We are expecting to start getting fruits from these plants after three years which will be 2025. And we are planning to plant so banana plants in this field of avocadoes.
Agriculture by and for the community
Evarist Pastory
Key Leader Agriculture
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