Welcome to the Kilangala Community

Evangelism for everyone

With a strong faith in Jesus

Accessible healthcare for everyone

Doctor visit, medication and nursing

Center of Vocational Training

Expertice in woodworking, welding and tailoring

Solid primary school facilitation

Success through knowledge and team spirit

Home for students

Domatries and good living facilties

Watching over unwanted children

Responsible orphanage care

Agriculture by and for the community

Crops grown with love


The primary mission and vision of the Kilangala Mission is to spread gospel to the lake zone population and by doing so improve the life of neighborhood by providing good health care, life skills techniques courses and formal education.


Our challanges

The Kilangala Mission faces enormous challenges.

The will is to be completely independent and sustainable within a few years.

To this end, a number of projects have been started that make it possible to realize our vision for the future.

Of course we can't do it alone. Fortunately, we can rely on a number of generous sponsors. With one-off investments, they make it possible to improve our cost sources and set up new ones.


Running projects:


Feel free to discover more on this website. You are very welcome.



Contact information

Email: aron.siame@gmail.com

Mobile: +255 656 228 856

Our Mission and future Vision
Your host and hostess
Aron Siame and Gina Mulungu
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Upgrading KTVC
KVTC carpentry workshop as breadwinner for the Kilangala Mission.
Automation Health Center
A start has been made with the automation of the Health Center.
Showroom Sumbawanga
To sell the Kilagala products, plans are made to build a showroom in Sumbawanga.
Improving HRM
Human Resource Management is improved with help from a sponsor in the Netherlands.
Upgrading drinking water distribution for the village realised
A new water source on the east side of the village is captured and provides the village
with a series of new drinking water taps in spring 2022. Sponsored by Water for
Everyone foundation